Hourly rate $ 85

These are our $ 85 hourly prices, but we recommend all our clients take more than one hour of class.

Private class on land recommended 2 hr minimum $ 170

We recommend a private tutorial class on the beach with our instructors. This will teach you safety and get you familiar with kite and wind and how they work together for a much easier transition into the water.

Private Lesson 8 hours package $600 

8 private hours in our most requested and complete package.


From 2 to 3 hours, you will learn theory about the wind and the equipment and how to be safe, how to assemble the kite equipment, how to fly the kite, changing directions and how to use the security systems.


Second day we go to the water with the instructor at your side, to give you the best possible security and confidence in the water. We will learn many different exercises to be able to take you to the board.


Day 3 water star we will learn how to put the board and how to position your body with board in the water with the board, to ponder navigate using the kite and navigate.

Kiteboarding Lessons 6 Hours - Group of 2 people max $500

The package of 2 people.


It is so that people who come as a couple or accompanied by another person, can try the kite surf lesson and share the cost of the lessons.


These are 6 hours with a group of 2 people 1 teacher.


Day one. learn theory, kite set up, learn to fly and know security systems safety and water. 


Day 2 water training how to use the kite and generate power to get on the board and maybe try to use the board. Everything depends on the ability of the people.

Fast track lessons 3 hours. $ 300

The fast track class is designed as a direct my class, I mean a class with the focus of giving a class with the purpose of putting you on the board in the shortest time possible. Bearing in mind that we will not teach any details, and that we will not teach how to set the  Kite surfing gear. 

Learn how to do Trick. Jumps, Give, Safety, Self Rescue, How to used surboards and how to Foil.

Whatever you need to learn we will teach you, in order to take you to the next level of Kiteboarding.

Kite gear rental

Kite only $75 

board only $25 

wet suit $25 

Harness $25 

helmet $10

impact vest $10 

boots $10 

All gear to gather.

$120 all day. 

Half day rental full equipment. $90 

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