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Rentals Los Barriles

Kite Gear Rental

Kite Only ...$75 US Dlls

Board Only ...$25 US Dlls

Wet Suit ...$25 US Dlls

Harness ...$25 US Dlls

Helmet ...$10 US Dlls

Impact Vest ...$10 US Dlls

Boots ...$10 US Dlls

Fully Day equipment rent $125  ask for ajustment after 3 days rental. 

Kiteboarding gear.jpg

Kite Gear Rental

Wingfoiling lessons Hourly rate $110 or  Package 10 hr private $1000


Day one  we will teach you how to used the wing and how to ride on the board,


Day two trying with the wing and foilboard.  Equipment included. 

Wing foil board rent $65 per hour.  

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