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Lessons Los Barriles

Hourly Rate

With our hourly rate you'll have a professional instructor for as many hours as you need.

The Hourly Rate $120 US dlls


Beginner Package 8hr 3 days course. 

Our 8-hour private lesson is our most requested and complete package, 3 days course.  (Can be extended to 4 days 2 hours per day)


On day 1- You will learn, Theory about the wind,

Equipment and Safety. How to Set up your Kite Gear and Fly  your Kite. How to change directions  with the Kite and also how to control the kite with one hand. How and when to used the safety system from the kite.


On Day 2- (3 hours) Body drags, Many different exercises on the water in order to prepare you for the board. (Building up your skills) 


On Day 3- Board (2 hours) Water start putting all knowledge  and skills that you learned on the days before. Trying to get on the board and ride.... 

Beginner Package 8-hours $880 US Dlls

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Kiteboarding Lessons 6 hours

(two persons max)

Our 6-hour lessons are designed for people that want to share the cost of the lessons.

Day one.- You will learn theory, kite set up, learn to fly and use the security systems as well as safety in the water.


Day two.- Water training, how to generate power and get on the board. Results may vary depending on personal ability. 

Kiteboarding Lessons 6 hours $780 US Dlls 

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Fast Track Lessons

3 hours

Fast Track Lessons are desinged with the purpose of getting yoy on the board in the shortest time possible. Bear in mind that we will not cover any details or how to set the kite gear.

Fast Track Lessons $360 US Dlls

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Private Class on Land

2 hours

We recommend a private tutorial class on the beach. We will teach you how to get familiar with kite and wind, and how they work together. We will also cover safety measures. 

All this will allow for a much easier transition into the water.

Private Class on Land $240

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Kite Gear Rental

Kite Only ...$75 US Dlls

Board Only ...$25 US Dlls

Wet Suit ...$25 US Dlls

Harness ...$25 US Dlls

Helmet ...$10 US Dlls

Impact Vest ...$10 US Dlls

Boots ...$10 US Dlls

Day rent $125 half day $90 more than 3 days ask for a better rate. 

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Kite Gear Rental

Wingfoiling lessons Hourly rate $130- Package 2 days course $ 480 (2 hours per day total 4 hours)


Day one  we will teach you how to used the wing and how to ride on the board,


Day two trying with the wing and foilboard.  Equipment included. 

Wing foil board rent $ 100 all day. 

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